Arctic Monkeys @ Roskilde Festival 2014



Frida Gustavsson

she is so incredibly beautiful wow

ive reblogged this a lot but she’s just so beautiful

I’m finally back at school, and while I’m happy to be back, I can already feel the stress creeping in from all angles of my brain. I missed my friends, so it was great to see them and I love my new room, it’s so much nicer. I just feel stressed out trying to find a good job… I want to get away from my job at home so bad because it makes me absolutely miserable inside. I planned on getting a work study job here, only to find out today that I’m not even eligible for one even though my family doesn’t have money. I tried emailing the career development office at my school to see if they can set me up with an internship or something… but I don’t really want an office job right now. I just can’t figure out what I want and I don’t really know what my options are either. I miss my boyfriend so much, I’ve barely gotten to talk to him the last few days because we’ve both been so busy. I’m already so stressed and I just hope I can figure out a way to make things work soon. 

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